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Wall of Frames

Stop searching! You have found the ultimate chaos coordinators. This is it! Luisa and her crew accomplished more than I ever imagined. Getting organized was honestly life changing.


The PROs + collaborators

Jackie is a skilled professional organizer, decorator, and home stager who will execute your project like no other.

Emily is a multitasking mom of 3, experienced in travel logistics, and transfers those abilities to improve your space.


Annie is a talented ceramic artist with a knack for organizing who knows what it means to transform materials into something beautiful. She brings the same attention to detail and creativity to our home organizing projects.

Racha has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Aside from her organizational skills, her compassion and understanding will make you feel at ease.

Lauren is a mom of 2 with an administrative background. Her ability to break down tasks and lead is essential to our team. 

Gabby is multitalented and especially loves creating custom and Instagram worthy labeling when your heart desires. 

John is a handy man with the brain of an engineer. He is a problem solver who helps us create and execute organizing solutions as needed. 

JR handles driving, transporting donations, and loading our cargo trailer on the weekends.


Hi there, I'm Luisa. 

I'm a professional organizer, home stylist, and busy mom. I help make spaces more organized, functional, and beautiful.

Thinking creatively, designing, problem solving, and multitasking were simply part of our family lifestyle. I grew up immersed in the arts and surrounded by culture. I spent a large chunk of my life either traveling the world with the circus or being raised in the circus capital of the world--Sarasota, Florida!


I love that my life has come full circle and now I get to use those same skills as a foundation to lead our team, find solutions, and coach clients like you. It brings me so much joy to be able to make your space better!

B.S. International Business
B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies

Prior Organizing


My interest in organizing began about 10 years ago, fresh out of college, when I was working for a healthcare company. Beyond handling HIPPA compliant files, a large part of the job was to purchase, organize, and maintain a health care supply inventory.


In 2012 I left the private sector to work at a non profit in South Dakota, where I managed a youth home of 12+ children. That's at least 12x the laundry, 12x the toys, and 12x the stock in the pantry. Designing and implementing organizational systems and procedures was key in day-to-day operations. Over a span of 5 years I learned the ins and outs of what it takes to have a home run itself and maintain the order. It was so fulfilling to create systems and increase efficiency. 


When I returned to Sarasota I wanted to try to continue my work with children. While interning at a local, private, Occupational Therapy practice, I absolutely LOVED organizing storage areas for all their therapy supplies. That was the first time the lightbulb turned on! Forget being a therapist, instead I started to think I could do this for a living.


I began to take projects on the side for people. I also spent some time working for a retired CEO. However, I didn't feel fully ready to take the plunge. Self doubt is REAL! When I was offered a job at a public school I decided to give it a try. Before becoming a teacher, I spent a year in the office, where I single handedly organized and whipped into shape over 500 student files in a matter of weeks. 

After my time teaching rooms full of tiny people, a variety of personal circumstances led me to the conclusion that life is too short to move forward with any "what ifs". I took a huge financial risk, quit my job, and the rest is history in the making. Now I get to help people get their lives, files, families, and businesses in order. PINCH ME!

No, really, every time we start a new session I give myself a little pinch. It's both a  tradition and a silly reminder to stay passionate and never forget how it all began. 

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